‘Serra Formosa’ Website: Final and Scrolling Effect Presentation

It is the final presentation of the ‘Serra Formosa’ website.

It includes three main scrolling effects in Adobe Muse: Motion, Opacity and Slideshow.

The Motion effect makes the objects slides, which is visually delighting while scrolling. It is applied in my website principally for the navi bar (after scroll down), and the context of ‘Discovering Taiwanese Coffee’ (similar to common ‘About Us’ section).

The Opacity effect is the most useful one, in my perspective. In a website made with Adobe Muse, when an object’s opacity rate reaches 0%, it will be completely ‘vanished’ from the screen. So I apply it at the navi bar at the top of website (the one of white text), which gradually fades out then eventually gets replaced by another navi bar of brown text and with translucent background, sliding down while the original one ceasing.

The Slideshow effect is used for background of the website, which switches between four different landscape photographs by scrolling. It appears like a lightbox which plays not by pressing buttons but scrolling up and down. Below is the presentation video of the website.

Scrolling Website Presentation – Serra Formosa from Walter Wang on Vimeo.

Refection Section:

What I found useful The main advantage is that this unit make students construct brief knowledge of CMS, HTML and Adobe Muse, open a windows to Web Design technology and learn how to make a functionally and visually effective website. Then, Building a SBE blog guides the basic knowledge of Web Admin (like how to apply a web hosting service, how to use php database, etc.), I suppose it is important even through it is a bit boring to me (I have already signed a web hosting service and maintained my own website before attending this unit.)
What I didn’t like As I mentioned, this unit teaches very basic knowledge, so if there is any student who already have web design or admin experience, they must find the resource for advanced skill. Fortunately, W3Schools rocks and boost my development of Project 1 portfolio website very much. Having skill in advance is good; however, when it comes to a time-spending skill building process like ‘make 3 different website of different scrolling effect’ it annoys me. I tested then confirmed my scrolling effects for the website too fast, so the website dashed to final draft and left the 3 different scrolling drafts process behind. Now it seems a bit ridiculous if I go back for this step, whatever.
Things should change I would like to try to make the skill building process more simple but effective by avoiding complicated processes (like 3 different website drafts with 3 different scrolling effects). Perhaps it can also become more ‘playful’, like ‘themed website redesign contest’?